Holy Land Christmas 2017 (SOLD OUT)

29 December 2017 to 07 January 2018


Day 8: Camels, Dead Sea, Jordan River and more

Our final day was for and blessed. Enjoy!

For that homily, click Here.

About the Pilgrimage

Watch the 90 minute video of this pilgrimage below.

We love taking families to the Holy Land, but many people cannot travel during Spring and Fall due to work or school schedules. This is annual pilgrimage is our answer to that challenge. Same great itinerary and leaders, but tucked in perfectly over the Christmas break. Stay home for Christmas and be back before work or school in January.

You’ll enjoy their favorite hand-picked hotels, delicious meals including some amazing dinners experiences away from the typical hotel buffet.

You’ll benefit from Steve and Janet’s knowledge, experience and teaching after their 150+ previous trips to Israel and the Middle East since 1995.

On Line Registration – CTSCentral.net/ Trip Code: 12319 Group Code: 5505