First Day in Rome: Chains of St.Peter, San Clemente, Coliseum and Roman Forum

by Steve Ray on April 30, 2018

We hit the ground running in Rome today. Some of our folks who did not stay for the extension went to the airport and flew home. But 30 and us remained for three days with intensive touring of Christian Ancient and Christian Rome. We started the day with Mass at the Church of Saint Peter […]

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Mass at Padre Pio’s Altar, Visited his Incorrupt Body, Drive to Singing Dinner in Rome

by Steve Ray on April 29, 2018

Today we woke up and beautiful son Giovanni Rotondo on the side of a mountain or Padre Pio lived and worked. We started the day with my talk on Padre Pio (see whole talk on video below) and Mass at the altar where the saint celebrated Mass for so many years. We all sat right […]

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Mass at Eucharistic Miracle in Lanciano, Cave of St. Michael Archangel Cave, Giovanni Rotundo…

by Steve Ray on April 28, 2018

One of the highlights of our trips is a stop in Lanciano for the magnificent Eucharistic Miracle. It is set up so you can get right up close and intimate with Miracle. We had Mass in front of the miracle and Fr. Frans delivered another homerun homily. After Mass we drove through the beautiful countryside […]

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Assisi to Holy House of Loreto, Mass at Face Cloth of Christ in Manoppello to Lanciano

by Steve Ray on April 27, 2018

An amazing day with lots of holy sites. As we left Assisi and drove along the Adriatic Sea we stopped at the Holy House of Loretto. From there we drove to Manoppella where we had Mass in front of the actual face cloth of Jesus found in the tomb by Peter and John. Another great […]

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All Day Assisi! Mass at Tomb of St. Francis, Hermitage, Wine Tasting and more

by Steve Ray on April 26, 2018

Started the day with Mass in a nearly unprecedented way — at the tomb of Saint Francis of Assisi in the grotto below the church. Another excellent homily here. A full tour of the Church of St. Francis, walking through the city exploring the history and arriving at the Church of St. Clare and her […]

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Siena & Assisi: Eucharistic Miracle & Dinner with Daughter of a Saint

by Steve Ray on

Enjoy Siena  with the Eucharistic Miracle and Relics of St. Catherine (amazing and beautifully quaint medieval Catholic city). Here is Fr. Fran’s homily in front of the Eucharist Miracle. Enjoy our arrival in Assisi for a talk and dinner with the daughter of a Saint. PART ONE PART TWO

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