Bible Riddle: What Am I?

by Steve Ray on November 22, 2015

Since we will be here today, I thought this riddle appropriate!

But, before you click the link, see if you can figure out this riddle 🙂
Write to me if you need help; click here to see the answer.

Three times I have been divided
doing what God had decided.
Twice a garment was the tool
that led me to obey God’s rule.
I was the threshold of new things
and the limit of many kings.
Once God’s son I did embrace.
Once the ark stood in my place.
Never have I walked the ground,
nor in the heavens was I found.

What am I?


  • gracevirginiasamuel says:

    the answer is river jordan.i would like to have more such questions

  • kayla says:

    that was a hard riddle

  • TC says:

    Love this riddle…it is indeed the Jordan River. The 3 times it was divided were:
    1) After the death of Moses when Joshua led the Israelites over to the Promised Land.
    2) When Elijah & Elisha crossed over together.
    3) When Elisha crossed back after Elijah was taken up in the chariot of fire.

    The garment used twice to part the water was Elijah’s mantle.

    Jesus was embraced by the waters of the Jordan when he was baptized by John the Baptist & it was the Ark of the Covenant not Noah’s Ark that stood in the Jordan (when the Israelites crossed)

    Thou;gh this isn’t the division the riddle was looking for here are 2 other considerations that are quite interesting…The Jordan is sometimes divided at the joints joints where the 3 streams come in that feed it (Hasbai, Leddan & Banias are the names of the streams) and on maps it is often divided as the Upper Jordan , Lower Jordan, and the Jordan Valley (Plains). 3 different divisions with 3 divisions within them…Hmmmm there must be some Biblical significance in the number 3- time to dig some more.


    Love this riddle. please submit other riddles.

  • Brooke says:

    TC had such a good detailed answer to this riddle, I can’t top that lol. I did want to share another riddle on Gods for your viewers to solve if thats okay: 3 Gods Riddle

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